Our strategy is organized around 6 distinct Business Units.

Introduced in all main companies, this structure enables each Project Manager to specialize in a particular sector, according to his or her familiarity with and appreciation of the sector. Then, we receive additional specific training from our partners, enabling us to deliver expert services tailored to our customers' needs.

Construction, Industry & Energy

These three historic fields of the French economy account for a significant proportion of our studies. Over the years, we have built up trusting relationships with some of the industry's biggest names, and we continue to support them in their transition to more sustainable practices.
Because quality comes from proximity, we can rely on our former customers to welcome us to their factories and construction or production plants. It enables some of our team members to learn and develop their expertise in these three major sectors.

Consulting & CSR

As part of our curriculum at EDHEC, we are trained in consulting, but also in the social and environmental issues of our time. Moreover, with the creation of our own CSR fund, OxyJEne, we are standing out as French leading CSR Junior-Enterprise.
Thanks to our partnerships, we regularly carry out subcontracting work for firms such as EY, Atecna and Merton Scott. These firms trust us to carry out parts of their market studies.
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Retail is a sector that is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs. This is why we regularly support players in the retail sector with studies on pricing, product launches, customer satisfaction, etc.
This year, thanks to our partnership with Square Management, members of this Business Unit received training on the theme of Marketing & Big Data to better understand digitalization in retail.

Health & Public Institutions

The healthcare sector is one of the largest contributors to the French GDP. The regulations it has to deal with make it complementary to the Public Institutions for which we also carry out numerous studies.
Thanks to our partnership with EDHEC Business School, we can use the expertise of Science Po Lille Master's students at your service as part of our studies, particularly those related to public institutions.


The French industry is the world's leading exporter, with a 23% market share. This dynamism is reflected in the French economy, as cosmetics is France's second-largest export sector.
Beyond these record figures, the French perfume and cosmetics industry is particularly specific because of its constant innovation, which leads us to regularly support companies in the sector.


Nowadays, digital has become an essential sector that affects all industries. For many years now, we have been assisting various companies in their digital transition.
Some of our Project Managers have been trained in digital and IT issues, so they know exactly how to set up an e-commerce business or a website.