At EDHEC Junior Etudes, our marketing expertise includes a large range of services designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for understanding your positioning in the market with a benchmark, identifying growth opportunities through a market study, measuring your customer loyalty with a satisfaction study or analyzing the perception of your brand through an image study, we are here to guide you. You can also find our strategy services if you wish to execute effective action plans.

Market study

Discover the opportunities and risks associated with your sector. Our market study offers you an in-depth analysis of trends, key players and market dynamics, allowing you to make informed decisions for your project or business creation.

  • Realizing market research in Europe and Africa
  • Analyzing consumers needs
  • Conducting 10 phone interviews with local players
  • Evaluating opportunities and risks of the European market


Position yourself strongly in your field. Our benchmark details your competitors' activities, offerings and strategies, giving you a clear view of your positioning in the industry. By understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, you can identify unique opportunities, differentiate your offering, and develop strategies to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Administrating and analyzing 1000 surveys
  • Studying competitors realizing 30 benchmarks
  • Identifying market trends

Image Study

Find out how the world sees your brand. Our image study probes public perception, revealing how your company or product is perceived by your customers. Whether you are looking to reinforce a positive image or correct misconceptions, this study provides you with the information you need to develop effective communication strategies.

  • Organizing 5 interviews and 2 focus group
  • Administrating 280 surveys
  • Elaborating recommendations regarding the survey and the interviews results

satisfaction study

Focus on the opinions of your customers or employees. Through our specific surveys, we collect valuable feedback that allows you to adjust or rethink your offer, improve your services and strengthen loyalty. By understanding your customers' expectations and concerns, you can create more personalized experiences and reinforce trust.

  • Administrating 500 surveys at the exit of two stores located in France
  • Elaborating typical profiles by analyzing the results
  • Writing up recommendations