At EDHEC Junior Etudes, our strategy expertise includes a series of essential services, all focused on the implementation and execution of effective action plans. Whether you are considering implementing a CSR study to aimplement sustainable best practices, launching a new product with our product launch study or exploring new horizons with a layout study, we are here to guide you. You can also find our finance services to strengthen the financial health of your business.


Make an impact with your new product. Our product launch study assesses the market, identifies the target customer base and develops an optimal launch strategy. By understanding market needs and emerging trends, we help you position your product for maximum success.

  • Realizing 12 interviews with different managers
  • Administrating 250 surveys (phoning, mailing) to potential customers
  • Elaborating a launch strategy according to the results


Develop your corporate social responsibility with confidence. Our CSR study or audit offers you a complete analysis of your current practices in terms of sustainable development, ethics and social responsibility. Our holistic approach assesses your internal operations but also your supply chain, partnerships and community engagement.

  • Realizing an emission inventory
  • Interpreting the competitors’ climate commitments
  • Identifying CSR trends used by competitors
  • Analyzing opportunities and threats thanks to a SWOT matrix


Étendez vos horizons avec succès. Notre étude d'implantation évalue les marchés potentiels, identifie les opportunités et les défis, et élabore une stratégie pour une expansion réussieExpand your horizons successfully. Our layout study evaluates potential markets, identifies opportunities and challenges, and develops a strategy for a successful expansion. Whether you are considering a national or international establishment, we provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. nationale ou internationale, nous vous fournissions les insights nécessaires pour prendre des décisions éclairées.

  • Market research in 10 Eastern Europe countries
  • Sizing, pricing of reference prooducts
  • SWOT analysis of 3 main competitors
  • Realizing 30 interviews with professionals